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Babies Got Bling is Moving!!!  We are busy packing and moving all of our belongings and inventory and will be unable to fill orders in a timely manner.  If you are in desperate need of something feel free to e mail me and I will see what I can do.  We will be closing Monday August first.  All orders not paid for by this date will not be filled until we reopen 2-3 weeks later.  Thank you!
Babies Got Bling is the home of high fashion for your baby. No other website has more innovative products to add style and convenience for your infant. Look around and enjoy. We're sure that you're going to love Babies Got Bling!  If you have been thinking that there is something baby related that you would like to have, drop us a line...I may have already been making it for myself!!  We are always looking for new ideas to make having a baby more glamorous and fun. Others will admire your baby with Bling!!  As my children have grown, so have my designing interests.  I now make Cheerleading hairbows that meet all cheerleading competition regulations.  I do custom work for teams as well as small or individual orders for spirit bows.
     Let me tell you a little about me and my family... I am a mother of 4 girls!  Yes, I know ... lots of weddings!  Well, as I made my way into motherhood I saw many gaps in baby product lines.   There were many things that were not readily available that I decided to make for myself. Some things I have simply improved upon an existing product, or customized it for myself, or just added custom bling to it!  I believe that most things look a little better with some sparkle. Well, people started asking me about where I got the things I was making when I told them that I had made it they would ask if they could buy one.  Between school, the gym, gymnastics, dance (this is where my idea to make custom and handmade tutus came from) and just errands around town, I come into contact with a lot of people.  I decided to make my ideas work for me and this is how Babies Got Bling was born.
     Through the years Babies Got Bling has grown and evolved with the needs of me, the owner/designer, my children and my loyal customers.  I now make cheerleading bows, sell sequin fabric to others who make bows, make tutus, and even make tubular crin bows for cheerleading or just for a fun new look! 
     If there is anything that you are looking for that is bow/child/baby/cheer/bling/jewelry related, just ask!  I can probabally make it.... or maybe I already do for myelf or my kids.  Thank you, April

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